FAG Black Series Ball Bearing

The new Black Series Ball Bearing Units from FAG stand for easy mounting, quiet running and high reliability. The dimensions of the painted cast iron housings are according to JIS 1559 B. Radial insert ball bearings based on series 62 are fitted in the housings. The outer and inner rings of the radial insert ball bearings have a DUROTECT® B coating in order to provide improved anti-corrosion protection. The characteristic, black units are particularly suitable for applications with medium to high loads such as in agricultural machinery, drive technology, conveying technology, pumps or in the steel industry.

Simple mounting
Misalignments are compensated by the matched design of the housing and the radial insert bearing and the plus tolerance of the bore. Reworking  of the shaft is no longer required. In addition, two self-retaining set screws that are offset by 120° securely locate the inner ring on the shaft. A suitable Allen key is supplied with every ball bearing unit. This reduces the mounting outlay to a minimum.

Quiet running and low friction
The Black Series Ball Bearing Units also make a convincing case during operation due to their proven FAG quality standard. The optimized internal geometry, honed raceways and high ball quality ensure quiet running and the low frictional torque of the radial insert ball bearings. This reduces the energy requirements of applications. The energy efficiency is further improved with the extremely low-friction plastic cage.

High reliability and long bearing operating life
Minimum friction also involves minimum heat generation and therefore a maximum grease operating life. The ball bearing units are supplied prelubricated and can be easily relubricated via a lubrication nipple if required. The seal that is firmly staked in the outer ring retains the grease in the bearing and thus allows easier relubrication. It has a vulcanized seal lip that effectively prevent dust and water entering the bearing. To protect the seal lip against damage an outer flinger shield is fitted on the inner ring. In addition, the radial insert ball bearings have an improved anti-corrosion protection. An antirotation pin locates the outer ring firmly in the housing. The robust Black Series Ball Bearing Units are most suitable for challenging operating conditions. The relevant application requires less maintenance. This saves the operator time and money.

Product range
The FAG Black Series Ball Bearing Units are supplied with both metric and inch bore diameters. Schaeffler Group Industrial is initially offering one pillow block housing unit as well as a two bolt and a four bolt flange unit. These will be followed by further housing types and a range of diameters that will be increased successively.

  • Interchangeable according to JIS
  • Simple mounting
  • Economica
  • Quiet running
  • Energy efficient
  • Long grease service life
  • Low heat generation
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Advanced anti-corrosive protection
  • High load carrying
  • Long operating life
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Housing dimensions according to JIS B 1559
  • Grey cast iron housing, painted black
  • Radial insert ball bearings based on ball bearing series 62
  • Black oxide coated rings to improve corrosion resistance
  • Bore diameters available in inch and metric dimensions
  • One-piece seal with molded seal lip
  • Polyamide cage with optimized friction behavior
  • Factory lubricated, lubrication nipple for relubrication
  • Two set screws offset by 120°Anti-rotating pin for location of the outer ring

Optibelt - Red Power II

Optibelt KB RED POWER II kraftbands are made up of high quality wrapped Optibelt RED POWER II V-belts which are joined together with one another via a top surface which has a high level of resistance to wear and tear. This compact drive product is preferably used when dealing with extreme impact loads, large centre distances, vertical shafts and clutching drives. The cover fabric which is wear- and tear-resistant, the highquality rubber compound and the special low stretch polyester cord guarantee a high level of dynamic load and maintenance-free drives. Combinations of sets are required in the event of multiple kraftbands being used per drive.
Optibelt RED POWER II S=C PLUS is a high performance wedge belts and kraftbands provide up to 42 % more power whilst at the same time significantly reducing costs by up to 20%. Improved production processes and consistent development of basic products have led to these excellent results.
Standard belts require regular re-tensioning if they are to operate efficiently and achieve a typical 25,000 hrs (3yr 24/7) design life. RED POWER II belts require no re-tensioning so enable maintenance cost reductions or significant belt life & efficiency improvements compared to irregularly maintained standard belts.
97% Efficiency
Reduced costs and increased productivity due to unique production methods and tolerances, RED POWER II belts can achieve and maintain efficiencies of up to 97%, compared to around 94% or less which is typical for other (none Optibelt) brands.


Optibelt - Opening of Philippine Office

MANILA, Philippines — Leading German manufacturer of high performance transmission belts, the Arntz Optibelt group, recently opened the doors to their first Philippine office in Prestige Tower, Ortigas Center.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a dinner, was attended by Optibelt’s international representatives, including Director for Asia Pacific of Optibelt Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., Thomas Tegethoff and Managing Director of Optibelt Asia Pacific, Torsten Seifried.

With more than 300 competitors worldwide, what differentiates Optibelt from the others? And what has led big clients like Philip Morris, Lafarge, and Holcim to work with them?

“We bring service,” Seifried noted, in his inaugural speech, “We build our own engineering team to teach distributors and users how to squeeze more life out of our products.

At Optibelt, we always go further in development. Our belts ensure superior lifetime. In this field, to save the customer's money, we're number one.”

Others who attended the intimate dinner and ribbon-cutting ceremony were on site to give their support and approval of the new office. Mark Li of Bearing Center and Machinery Inc., acknowledged: “Optibelt is one of the best quality belts out there. We are very happy to have them. With Optibelt, we can maximize everything.”

Oliver Ang, President of Riken Motor Sales, agreed: “I think it’s a good move for them. We expect that it will be able to support the Philippine market. They have been very helpful in all aspects of the business, from the training and seminars, to the activities we do together.”

Asked why Optibelt initially chose the Philippines as its newest hub, Seifried replied, “We believe that the market in the Philippines is growing and they need more support. We want to give on-site support – not only through our distribution partners, but by being present ourselves.”

The Arntz Optibelt Group currently has 29 distribution offices in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. A recent breakthrough due to advantages in the drive technology also enabled them to acquire the new models of Volkswagen and BMW.

The Manila office is headed by Romulo Danao III, Country Manager, Optibelt Asia Pacific Philippine representative office.

Source: Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation

The Ball Roller – An Efficient Solution for Rotary Axes

Schaeffler Group Industrial has developed an efficient bearing concept for rotary axes. Based on the new “ball roller”, the special advantages of this solution lie in a significantly simplified adjacent structure and excellent transferability of bearing running accuracy to the rotary axis module, which is achieved thanks to a preloaded compact bearing support with single-piece bearing rings. The kinematic characteristics of the ball roller bearing also enable high limiting speeds while offering low friction and demand-oriented rigidity.

Ball roller offers numerous advantages
The innovation is based on a double-row angular contact thrust ball roller bearing in O-arrangement with novel rolling elements. All areas of the conventional rolling element “ball” that are not under load are removed, which means that 15 percent of the ball diameter is cut off on both sides of the ball. The result is the so-called ball roller, being 30 percent narrower and correspondingly lighter than a true ball. A bearing equipped with ball rollers has the same functionality and accuracy as a ball bearing. Various applications, e.g. in automotive and precision engineering, already benefit from the advantages offered by ball rollers, which include less space requirement, less weight, larger grease reservoir and higher load ratings.
Simpler, longer-lived and more cost-effective

In machine tool applications these characteristics offer advantages that increase the efficiency of the overall system:
  • The simplified adjacent structure results in reduced manufacturing costs: Due to the axial displacement of the bearing rings relative to each other, the bearing can be simply bolted to planed surfaces. Moreover, high-precision bearing seating’s that support the bearing along the entire height are not required thanks to the rigid bearing design.
  • Mounting becomes simpler and faster: The single-piece bearing rings ensure improved transfer of the bearing’s running accuracy to the machine assembly. Moreover, a rolling bearing transportation safety device needed to hold split bearing rings together is not required. Mounting errors are thus avoided.
  • An increase in service life is achieved: The larger grease reservoir permits e.g. extended relubrication intervals and even maintenance-free operation in some applications. This is also supported by sealing gap systems on both sides that reliably retain the lubricant inside the bearing even at high speeds.
Pilot applications as from 2010
The double-row angular contact thrust ball roller bearing has already proved its functionality in the scope of the development project. Starting with bore diameter size 325 mm, the speed strength during continuous operation as well as the bearing behavior under load were tested under realistic operation cycles. Under all conditions, the tests of the prototypes were so positive that the extensive validation process will be continued with optimized and near-series prototypes. First pilot applications are scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010. Potential initial users are still being sought.

FAG Generation C - The new standard for deep groove ball bearings

50 per cent less noise and 35 per cent less friction – with Generation C FAG is setting a new standard for deep groove ball bearings. One of the main reasons for the significant improved performance are the optimized osculation of the rolling elements on the rings, high ball quality and improved raceway surfaces. For example, the alterations include the more efficient HRS sealing as well as the riveted steel cage. In total, these design changes enable applications to operate much more quietly, increased efficiency and higher speeds. The operating life increases while at the same time the energy consumption is significantly reduced.

Timken Bearings Help Keep Mining Machinery Running in Poland

CANTON, Ohio: June 17, 2009 —The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) is supplying tapered roller bearings for longwall shearer loaders used in underground coal mines in Poland. The loaders are produced by FAMUR Group of Poland, the largest mining machinery manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

Timken® tapered roller bearings installed in the cutter head transmission of the shearer demonstrated superior performance during field tests, proving their ability to withstand the high axial loads of the application, thus extending the service life of the equipment. Downtime is particularly costly for operators in the mining industry. Timken helps end users keep equipment up and running at a high level of performance by providing reliable bearings, as well as the seals, lubricants, diagnostic equipment and repair services to help keep bearings turning.

Source: The Timken Company

Toyota Presents “Achievement Award Supply” to Schaeffler

Toyota has granted its “Achievement Award” in the “Supply” category to Schaeffler. With this distinction the Japanese automobile manufacturer acknowledges the quality of the products and services supplied by the Schaeffler Group. Schaeffler is one of only four suppliers to have received the “Achievement Award” in recognition of their supply performance at Toyota’s “Annual Business Meeting 2009” in Brussels.

“It is a fantastic success indeed to win this recognition from a company that is well-known for being a particularly discerning customer,” says Dr. Peter Pleus, President Schaeffler Engine Systems Division.

A hydraulic support element, developed by Schaeffler for the engine valve train, was displayed as a technical example in the background of the award ceremony. Ensuring automatic valve lash adjustment, this component is used in Toyota’s new ZR engine. This four-cylinder gasoline engine comes with 1.6 and 1.8 liter cubic capacity and is, for instance, installed in the Auris and Avensis models.

Compared with the previous ZZ generation, ZR engines feature up to six percent reduced fuel consumption. This is achieved thanks to variable valve control as well as optimized friction within the engine.

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